Make A Splash, Contribute Today

Starting on Giving Tuesday, November 28, and lasting through December 31, you can Make A Splash to help us keep Lake Monroe Reservoir clean, healthy, and sustainable. Your contribution will be doubled because The Ripple Effect Campaign matches each dollar donated from a pool of funding generously gifted to us by our Board of Directors. To make a donation, please fill out the form below. Thank you for making a difference.

Our projects depend on the Ripple Effect Campaign and your donations. Please, do not hesitate to take action and make a contribution.

Plant Trees

We helped to reduce erosion by planting 900 native trees/shrubs and 600 willow stakes along Clay Lick Creek at CYO Camp Rancho Framasa in Brown County.

Improve Septic Systems

We are improving septic system awareness and function for 65 households in Brown County by providing $200 each toward their tank pumping or inspection costs.

Reduce Fertilizer Runoff

We are reducing runoff of nutrients that feed algal blooms by providing 500+ landowners with a free soil test so they can minimize their use of fertilizer.

More Than One Way To Contribute

If you wish to help spread the word and attract additional donations to our cause, click the “I Want To Fundraise For This” button below. It will lead you to additional information and resources, and will enable you to set up your own fundraising page.